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Revolutionizing the Design of Parking Structures

Written on: 2018/12/20

Wire mesh has revolutionized the design of parking structures, transforming dim, faceless buildings into well-lit architectural standouts. W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh, made from high-quality stainless steel, offers various options due to its versatile properties. W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh isn’t just a timeless aesthetic statement. It’s a fully functional material, capable of meeting even the most demanding safety, stability, and weather challenges. Regardless of setting, the mesh ensures a bright atmosphere that melds design and transparency in unique, unforgettable fashion.

Transparent Media Facades: Programmed to Perfection

Written on: 2018/12/06

The IMAGIC WEAVE® represents a radical innovation in woven wire and mesh materials. The media façade displays moving patterns and high-resolution video content in a dynamic range of colors, lending structures a lively personality with stunning optical quality. Content featured on the façade is easily uploaded to the video server’s universal playback software. And, given its modular structure, the system can be scaled freely and adapted to any size or format.

Sun Protection: Built For the Best Indoor Climate

Written on: 2018/11/27

W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh’s exterior sunlight protection is significantly more effective compared to alternative interior systems. The protective effect catalyzes a series of additional advantages, including, but not limited to, financial benefits in the form of reducing energy costs from air conditioning. Incident solar radiation is optimally filtered by the mesh, slowing the warming of the façade.

Transparency & Privacy: Blended Insights and Perspective

Written on: 2018/11/08

W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh is capable of forming a shimmering shell, granting a building its own distinct style and providing enhanced sun protection at the same time. It is equally capable of allowing a scenic, unobstructed view of the outside world from the inside of a structure while simultaneously offering privacy to the occupants of the building. Depending on the mesh types, viewing angle, and lighting, the optical effect of stainless steel wire mesh cladding varies, often reflecting natural weather conditions on its surface. Regardless of the form of its effect, the mesh stands as an elegant juxtaposition of transparency and privacy, further demonstrating its value as a functional and aesthetic centerpiece.

Design Capabilities with Exterior Facades

Written on: 2018/10/25

W.S Tyler Architectural Mesh offers architects and planners a multitude of design options for exterior façades, combining sophisticated aesthetic features with countless practical functions.

Creative Color for Architectural Mesh

Written on: 2018/10/11

W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh is frequently used for the striking stainless steel optics it creates. With a large library of brilliant, customizable colors available, the potential for even brighter, more vibrant designs is enormous. These palettes, and the refined techniques used to create them, enable colored surfaces and complex designs to be applied across the entire material if desired.

Featured Article: Parker Magazine 

Written on: 2018/04/10

Our W.S. Tyler Architectural Mesh is known for being a striking solution to any architectural problems. One of our most recent projects, a parking garage at a GO transit station, was featured in Parker Magazine. The project was known for being an eco-friendly and stunning solution for the Canadian public transportation line. Click the photo below to read the full article.

Featured Article: CTI Magazine

Written on: 2018/04/10

W.S. Tyler not only specializes in woven wire mesh, we also have an advanced engineering department who work with our customers to create fabricated parts and filters to fit their needs. One of those specialities, are automotive transmission filters that will last the lifetime of your vehicle. Our transmission filters were featured in the CTI Magazine in 2017. Click the photo below to read the full article.

Featured Article: Water World 

Written on: 2018/04/10

Our new filtration technology was featured in Water World Magazine in 2017. Focusing on how our new media can double the filtration flow with the same filter pore size, the article showcases what we do best, advanced woven wire technology. Click the image below to read the full story. 

Featured Article: Filtration & Seperation 

Written on: 2018/04/10

We are known for our woven wire technologies and our RPD HIFLO-S filter cloth is fundamentally different from all previous woven metal media. Manufactured utilizing a revolutionary weaving technology, it has properties that set new standards and make industrial filtration processes quicker, safer and more efficient. This revolutionary filter media was featured in the May/June edition of Filtration & Separation Magazine last summer. Click the image to read the full article.