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By: Ronnie Brown on June 23rd, 2020

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What Is Included With an Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS Purchase?

Particle Analysis | Alpine Air Jet Sieve

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a unique device that allows lab technicians to test materials that tend to make other particle size analysis methods difficult. Its user-friendly interface and compact footprint allow it to be applied to virtually any lab setting. 

With a price range of $11,500.00 to $27,500.00 plus $2,050.00 for the required Karcher vacuum, you’re probably curious as to what’s included with an Alpine purchase.

Having worked in the world of particle size analysis for over 140 years, W.S. Tyler is here to ensure you implement the perfect solution for your process.

This article will define what an alpine air jet sieve is, give a detailed description of what you should expect when you purchase an alpine unit, and provide guidance to help you contact us if you ever need technical support.


What Is an Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS?

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a unique particle size analysis instrument that is designed to test material that often becomes agglomerated. It employs a vacuum to create an air jet that slams the agglomerated particles against its plexiglass lid, allowing them to separate and flow through the mesh openings of the test sieve.


There are three different software levels available for the Alpine, each with its own beneficial qualities. To learn more about the software levels available to you, refer to our article: What is an Alpine Air Jet Sieve? (Definition, Benefits, & Cost).

What Equipment Is Included?

Regardless of which Alpine software you select, the scope of supply that you should expect remains the same. With that, the following items are included with every purchase of an Alpine Air Jet Sieve:

  • The Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS model you selected (power supply is built-in)
  • A plexiglass lid
  • A vacuum 
  • The connectors that attach the vacuum to the Alpine
  • Cleaning brush
  • Hammer (used to tap lid into place)

Now, there are several items that you will need to properly conduct an air jet sieve analysis that are not included with the purchase. These items include:

  • Test sieves
  • Collection bags for the vacuum
  • A cyclone (intermediary that prevents unwanted particles from entering the collection bag of the vacuum)
  • HEPA filters (if required)

What Services Are Included?

In addition, if you purchase a security level unit, our Alpine specialists will come to your facility to fill out an IQ/OQ. The term IQ/OQ refers to the documentation that serves as a qualification checklist that ensures your equipment complies with certain regulations and standards.

NOTE: Security level units are the only units that require IQ/OQ documentation.

On-site initial set up visits are also available upon request. During these visits, the Alpine specialist will set up your equipment, provide assistance in the creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and provide software training.

As the Alpine only has one moving part and an easy-to-use dedicated computer attached, operating it is, for the most part, seamless and users seldomly encounter technical issues. That said, we cannot remote into the system, as seen with the Computerized Particle Analyzer, but most technical issues can be resolved with a simple phone call from our Alpine specialist.


Calibration Certification

While you may not have to worry about maintenance downtime, all Alpine e200 LS units will need to undergo calibration annually. This involves our Alpine specialist visiting your lab, attaching a manometer to your Alpine unit(s), testing to ensure the timers are keeping time accurately, and testing to ensure the suction tolerances are as they should be.

If the test detects that the suction tolerances are off (not within 2.5%), the Alpine specialist will use the following checklist to remedy the issue and get the tolerances to where they need to be:

  • Check for dirty vacuum
  • Check for clogs in nozzle connecting the vacuum to the Alpine
  • Check for dirty filters
  • Check for dirt buildup within the Alpine unit

If the suction tolerances are still off after a thorough inspection, odds are it's an issue with the vacuum and it will be recommended that you consider investing in a new vacuum.

However, if your unit passes the test, you will receive a certificate that states that all aspects of the unit are within tolerance and it can continue to be used to produce accurate results.

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How Do I Request Technical Assistance?

Should you run into a technical issue and require the assistance of our Alpine specialist, you can contact W.S. Tyler by:

  • Emailing us directly at
  • Filling out the form on the Contact Us page
  • Using the live chat feature in the lower right-hand corner of your screen

No matter which method you use to contact our team, we will do our best to reach out in a timely manner. To ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible, you should have the following information ready when we contact you: 

  • The software level that you are using
  • Any error codes that you are receiving
  • Confirmation that the vacuum was receiving power during the issue
  • The date in which the filters were last changed

Explore the Possibilities an Alpine Air Jet Sieve

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a device used to analyze the size of particles that often become agglomerated and hard to test via other particle size analysis methods. By employing a vacuum to generate an air jet, these particles separate as they slam against the plexiglass lid of the unit. 

Despite there being three separate software levels available, the scope of supply remains the same. As it uses one moving part and a dedicated computer system, downtime due to maintenance issues is minimized. 

With over 140 years of experience, W.S. Tyler is here to help you utilize the beneficial qualities of the Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS to enhance your particle size analysis process.

For more information that will help you better determine which software level is right for you, refer to the Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS Brochure.


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