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By: Ronnie Brown on December 18th, 2021

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What Is a RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote? (Definition, Usage, and Cost)

Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers

Test sieves and test sieve analysis have been a fundamental asset to quality control for hundreds of years. But as time passed and technology began to consume the world we live in, demand to create a more automated way to test material while staying true to the reliability of traditional test sieve analysis has developed.

Now, something we can all agree on is that not all test sieve analysis operations are the same. Some rely on dry sieve analysis, and some rely on wet sieve analysis, depending on the sample material being tested.

Fortunately, devices like the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote exist to bridge this gap.

W.S. Tyler has pioneered the particle size analysis industry for over 140 years and takes pride in learning the needs of your process inside and out to help you identify what works best for you.

And with that, this article will cover the following points to give you a better understanding of the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote and whether or not it fits your process:

  • What a RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote is
  • How the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote works
  • The test sieves you can use with the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote
  • How to maintain the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote
  • How the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium and the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote compare
  • How much the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote costs


What Is a RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote?

The RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote is an electromagnetic sieve shaker paired with a digital interface that delivers the ability to customize how particle size is tested. This includes the amplitude, test duration, and operation intervals that facilitate particle movement through a sieve stack.


Now, as the RX-29 E Premium Remote is designed to give lab operators complete control, it is ideal for operations that demand accurate and repeatable results.


How Does the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote Work?

The driving mechanic of the RO-TAP RX-29 E premium remote is its three-dimensional elliptical motion that helps the individual particles of a sample find the openings in the test sieves. This innovative motion is possible as the device employs a heavy-duty magnet that is electrically charged, causing the spring mechanism within the device to compress and decompress rapidly.

This results in the sieve plate vibrating subtly, creating the unique 3D motion and causing the particles of the sample to move in a flat plane. These series of movements essentially recreate the RO-TAP RX-29 mechanical sieve shaker.

During operation, the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote will also pause in intervals that you designate prior to starting the testing process. This helps the particles settle and make their way through the mesh openings.

To that end, you should conduct an end of sieving analysis to fine-tune the sieving parameters you program into the device. This will help to ensure optimal results are achieved.


What Test Sieves Can Be Used With the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium?

Wire-Mesh-Test-SieveThe RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote, like the RO-TAP RX-29 Pure and RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium, is designed to house 8-inch sieves. When using full-height sieves, nine sieves with a pan can be used; however, when using half-height sieves, 15 sieves with a pan can be used.

To that end, the device is furnished with a built-in cover for the sieve stack. This means the separate sieve cover needed for other sieve shaker devices is not needed.


What Maintenance Is Required?

There arent many moving parts needed for the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote to function as intended. This means that there is minimal maintenance needed.

That said, something that should always be top of mind is the state of your guide rods. You should always ensure the guide rods are free of any sort of debris, cleaning them with a wire brush on a regular basis.

This will help the clamps facilitate a secure sieve stack.

Now, in the case that your device runs harder than intended, you will want to send your device to be recalibrated/repaired. The same goes for if unusual noises present themselves during operations.

Both scenarios are potential indicators that there are issues with the accelerometer.


How Do the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium and the RX-29 E Premium Remote Differ?

On paper, both the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium and the RX-29 E Premium Remote appear to be on in the same. However, the key difference between the two devices is that the RX-29 E Premium Remote was designed to carry out wet sieve analysis.

As a result, you will find that the RX-29 E Premium Remote features a two-hose system. Those hose attached to the sieve cover is meant to feed water through the sieve stack, while the hose located at the bottom of the sieve stack serves as a drainage hose.

To that end, the fact that it is designed for wet sieve analysis is the reason that the control panel is isolated from the device, whereas the control panel is part of the main body of the other RO-TAP E devices.

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How Much Does the RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote Cost?

The RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote costs approximately $7,624.07. This price reflects the device only and does not include any sieves.

That said, the order price will increase based on the design of any sieves you need to conduct the necessary sieve stack. To learn more about the costs associated with building a reliable test sieve stack, refer to the following article:


Best Practices Yield the Best Results

The RO-TAP RX-29 E Premium Remote is an electromagnetic sieve shaker designed to conduct both dry and wet sieve analysis. Regardless of what process you use, its digital controls deliver complete control over the testing parameters to ensure an efficient test sieve analysis.

Now, while most particle analysis operations are unique in their own way, something that is fairly universal are the best practices you should use to obtain and record your testing results. Implementing best practices when analyzing your findings is the easiest way to generate accurate and repeatable results.

Here at W.S. Tyler, we understand the importance of obtaining results you can use the enhance the quality of your products. This is why we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand the obstacles you face and help identify solutions that give you peace of mind.

With that, to learn about the best practices, you should implement when analyzing your test results to maximize the efficiency of your particle analysis process, read the following article:

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