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The IMAGIC WEAVE® represents a radical innovation in woven wire and mesh materials. The media façade displays moving patterns and high-resolution video content in a dynamic range of colors, lending structures a lively personality with stunning optical quality. Content featured on the façade is easily uploaded to the video server’s universal playback software. And, given its modular structure, the system can be scaled freely and adapted to any size or format.

Unlike non-transparent systems, the video content shown on an IMAGIC WEAVE® owns a particular transparency depending on surrounding lighting conditions and can appear to hover in front of the façade without completely obscuring it. In addition, the slim LED profiles are hardly noticeable from the exterior and do not interrupt the façade’s uniform appearance.

IMAGIC WEAVE® transforms the often dull façades of sport arenas and stadiums, shopping centers, airports, and high-rise buildings in to bold communication platforms. The media façades can even be retrofitted onto existing mesh structures, opening the possibility for fresh facelifts.


Benefits At Glance: 

Flexible Design The mesh elements and LED profiles are manufactured to the exact dimensions of specific projects. The flexible attachment system allows any sized surface or challenging shape to be fitted with an IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade.

Uniform Appearance The slim LED profiles of an IMAGIC WEAVE® platform are attached to the rear of the structure, providing the wire mesh façade with a homogenous appearance. The cabling is not visible from the outside and the transparency from the inside is not adversely affected.

Efficiency IMAGIC WEAVE® is built using the latest LED technologies, making it possible to pair a high degree of luminosity with low energy costs and astonishing longevity with low maintenance outlays.

Weather Resistance The IMAGIC WEAVE® system is protected in accordance with IP 67 ratings. Developed for indoor and outdoor applications, and capable of withstanding extreme temperatures ranging from -22°F to 140°F, the media façade guarantees faultless operation in almost any climate.

Intuitive Programming Changing video content is convenient and intuitive with the supplied control software. The IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade can be remotely controlled from anywhere in the world via smartphone or tablet.

Maintenance and Retrofitting Clip technology allows the IMAGIC WEAVE’s LED profiles and universal connector system to be attached without problem and, if necessary, replaced quickly on site.

Individual Service Our specialists at W.S. Tyler offer worldwide support at every stage of planning, from conception to completion.

Permanently Captivating Owing to a brightness in excess of 11,000 nit (cd/m2), IMAGIC WEAVE® creates superb color in broad daylight. As time elapses and environmental conditions change, the system’s brightness is smoothly adjusted by means of sensors



Two LED Technologies: Illuminating Solutions 

IMAGIC WEAVE® is a hybrid design of premium architectural mesh and state-of-the-art LED profiles. The result is a high-performance LED system for programmable video and lighting effects, broadcasting in an endless range of colors across the surface of the façade. In order to ensure the best project-specific solutions regarding color mixture, emission angle, and brightness, the IMAGIC WEAVE® media façade utilizes two different LED technologies.

IMAGIC WEAVE® HE IMAGIC WEAVE® HE consists of SMT LED profiles with two SMT LEDs per pixel. Advantages: : Wide viewing angle, excellent mix of colors.

IMAGIC WEAVE® HO IMAGIC WEAVE® HO consists of THT LED profiles with six THT LEDs per pixel. Advantages: High degree of luminosity, suited for daylight.

The LED profiles are available with a horizontal standard pixel pitch of 40 mm, 50 mm, or 62.5 mm. Synchronous and asynchronous pixel pitches are possible. (For example: 40 mm x 105 mm x 50 mm x 80 mm, etc.)

Another feature of an IMAGIC WEAVE® platform is the ability to increase the size of the video content and transfer it to surrounding mesh façades. For example, a blue summer sky being displayed on the media façade can be automatically extended to the surrounding surfaces with a blue tone.

The potent combination of illumination and IMAGIC WEAVE® powers the creation of extraordinary three-dimensional effects. Users have the option of operating both techniques together or separate from each other. Illumination enhances certain effects due to its ability to brighten both the front and back of the façade.

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