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By: Ronnie Brown on November 24th, 2021

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How the ISO 9001:2015 Certification Impacts Woven Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

You and many others in a similar position as you often come to the conclusion that woven wire mesh is a commodity item. But woven wire mesh is a science, and when you look at mesh across the market, not all products are the same, especially in terms of quality.

Now, you may initially enter the market with the idea that you simply require stainless wire mesh. However, in most cases, the accuracy of the mesh openings makes or breaks how successful it is in your operation.

This is why so many industry standards call for the use of woven wire mesh that is woven to comply with standards, such as the ISO 9001 standard. This helps to ensure that the mesh being used will work to screen, filter, or otherwise function in a way that maintains customer satisfaction and, more importantly, safety.

That said, how exactly does the ISO 9001 certification affect wire mesh production in a way that makes it desirable by industry standards?

W.S. Tyler has offered quality woven wire mesh solutions for over 140 years and is dedicated to implementing an operation that is ISO 9001 certified in an effort to provide customers with solutions that work.

To provide insight into the details of ISO 9001 and its role in wire mesh production, this article will cover:

  • What the ISO 9001 certification cover
  • Why it’s important that your mesh supplier is ISO 9001 compliant
  • How ISO 9001 affect W.S. Tyler mesh


What Does the ISO 9001:2015 Certification Entail?

The International Organization for Standardization, commonly referred to as ISO, is an organization that brings together experts throughout the world to develop international standards that help manufacturers illustrate their ability to meet customer expectations. Having developed and published over 22,701 standards, ISO oversees quality management systems in a wide range of industries, from particle analysis to technology.

Now, ISO 9001:2015 encompasses several functions of an organization. This includes:

  • How information is organized and documented within a QMS
  • What management is responsible for
  • The resources management has access to
  • The manufacturing of products
  • The way in which a quality management system is audited for measurement process, analysis processes, and improvements
  • The way in which new nomenclature is implemented and used
  • Leadership performance
  • Refining the way in which services are applied


Why Work With a Wire Mesh Supplier That Is ISO 9001:2015 Certified?

As stated above, the primary objective of the ISO 9001 standard is to ensure products meet customer expectations to a certain degree. As the accuracy of wire mesh openings is integral to most if not all wire mesh applications, partnering with ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturers helps to ensure your wire mesh product performs as intended.


Additionally, as there is an emphasis on continuously improving the manufacturing process, ISO 9001:2015-certified manufacturers are more likely to develop innovative or more efficient solutions that can prove beneficial to your operations.


How Does ISO 9001:2015 Benefit W.S. Tyler Solutions?

W.S. Tyler’s ISO 9001:2015 certification states that the organization employs a quality management system that adheres to ISO 9001:2015 when:

  • Designing and manufacturing test sieves
  • Designing and manufacturing sieve shakers
  • Designing and manufacturing filtration components
  • Designing and manufacturing fabricated components
  • The distribution of wire mesh rolls
  • The distribution of architectural wire mesh
  • The servicing of computerized particle analyzers (CPA)
  • The provision of laboratory services

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The Best Mesh Comes From the Best Manufacturers

Identifying and working with a wire mesh supplier that is ISO 9001 compliant is a sure-fire way to achieve desirable results, as the certification works to promote quality products that preserve customer satisfaction. This works in conjunction with the certifications initiative to encourage manufacturers to seek ways to improve production and efficiency.

But while it is important that your supplier is ISO compliant, it is also important that you partner with a supplier who is just that, a partner. This should be a standout organization that has a reputation for quality products and is engaged when looking to understand the needs of your operation.

Here at W.S. Tyler, we understand that the accuracy of your mesh is ultimately the main reason to implement wire mesh in the first palace. This is why we strive to leverage the knowledge we have gained running into the various wire mesh manufacturers over the years to ensure you find a solution you are confident in.

To shed some light on some of the lead wire mesh manufacturing, we highlighted them in the following articles:

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