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By: Weslee Clyde on November 19th, 2019

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What is an Alpine Air Jet Sieve? (Definition, Benefits, & Cost + Video)

Particle Analysis | Alpine Air Jet Sieve


Are you looking to purchase particle analysis equipment but aren’t sure what type is right for you?

We know how many options there are out there for sieving or particle analysis equipment. From dynamic image analysis systems to standard sieves, choosing the right particle separation method can be crucial for your processes.

We have covered our W.S Tyler Sieves and the Ro-Tap Sieve Shaker before, but in this article, we are going to cover the ALPINE Air Jet Sieve. We are going to dive into the cost, benefits and different models available for the ALPINE Air jet Sieve e200LS.


What is an ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200 LS?

The ALPINE Air Jet Sieve is a device used for particle separation. In most cases, the Air Jet unit is written into the industry standard and can be supplemented with a sieve shaker or a dynamic image analysis system.

So what’s the difference between the air jet and other particle analysis methods? An ALPINE Air Jet Sieve is a unit that uses air generated from a vacuum to separate particles. After placing the test sieve in the air jet, a nozzle that is flush with the mesh on the sieve rotates 360 degrees using air to push the particles around.

The air jet is particularly useful with particles that agglomerate. As the air jet pushes air through the sieve, the particles collide with the plexiglass lid so that they disperse.ALPINE Air jet Sieve W.S. Tyler

This will allow the smaller particles to fall through the mesh opening.

Only materials larger than the sieve openings on the mesh will be left after the air jet sieve finishes its cycle.


What are the Benefits of an ALPINE Air Jet Sieve?


1. Weighing Batches

One of the benefits that separate air jet sieves from traditional gravity-driven test sieve shakers is that the air jet sieve can be connected to a scale unit.

You can weigh your pre batch sample before you run your material. Once you have collected this info, you can run your test and then remove the sieve.

This will provide you with your new sample distribution which you can weigh on the scale to get the new sample weight.

Then you can export that to your network, to a printer, or store it directly on the ALPINE for later analysis.


2. Accountability and Traceability

Another benefit of the air jet sieve is for accountability and traceability.

The ALPINE only operates when each user logs into an account to run any test on the unit. That test is then saved and recorded under that user’s name. This has become significantly important in the pharmaceutical industry to be able to trace approved analysis back to the user.

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3. Pre-sets

The ALPINE air jet uses specific test sieves that you can pre-program to each type of material you test in your lab. For instance, if you run charcoal or limestone through your sieve shaker, you can have a pre-set for each material to remember the exact settings and levels you need for material.


4. Agglomerating Material

Another major reason for using the Alpine is for agglomerating material. If we are comparing the ALPINE to a regular sieve shaker, the airflow inside an ALPINE does a better job at separating individual particles that tend to agglomerate than the motion from a sieve shaker.


What Kind of Test Sieves are Used for the ALPINE Air Jet?

The air jet sieve e200 LS has specialized sieves with pre-programmed RFID chip technology. The RFID stores the mesh size, number of uses, and serial number.

You can use a standard 8” test sieve, without an RFID chip, if you purchase the compatibility adapter. No other size sieve will work with this unit.


How Much Does an ALPINE Air Jet Sieve Cost?

There are a few different models of the ALPINE. We will list each unit and the cost and capabilities.


Security Model - (Requires a network connection)

- Automatically save results
- Pre-Set Feature
- Daily Summary Report
- Grams or Percent report capabilities
- Curve of cumulative retention
- CRF Part 11 Compliant
- Save all analysis to network with electronic signature for audit/trailing purposes
- CRF Part 11 Compliant
- Password and user admin - This allows you to create individual users for every operator using    the Air Jet Sieve and give them parameters with 5 levels of Admin
- Different levels allow certain operators to only run pre-set SOP tests; some can run manual tests, some can create SOP tests, etc.

Cost - $27,500.00


Ultimate Model - (Requires a network connection)

- Automatically save results
- Pre-Set Feature
- Daily Summary Report
- Grams or Percent report capabilities
- Curve of cumulative retention
- Password and user admin
- 2 levels, admin and operator

Cost: $18,600.00


Basic Model

- No network connectivity

- Save data to the ALPINE itself

- Compatible with external scale

- Password and user admin

- 2 levels, admin and operator

Cost - $14,900.00


Note: Hosokawa recently discontinued the professional software. For those that utilize the professional software, your unit will still be functional; however, you will no longer receive software updates.

That said, Hosokawa is offering a special promotion that will allow basic software users to upgrade to ultimate for 500 euros and professional users to upgrade to ultimate for 250 euros. This promotion will be available until December.

Upgrading to the ultimate or security software levels will require a network connection. 

Additionally, you will need to purchase a Karcher vacuum for your ALPINE Air Jet Sieve e200 LS to function. This comes with an additional cost of $2,050.00.


To Sum It Up

The Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is a particle analysis instrument designed to analyze particles that often become agglomerated. By using a vacuum to generate a circulation of air, the alpine forces the particles to collide with its plexiglass lid and separate.

With the basic, ultimate and security software options to choose from, the Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS can be applied to virtually any particle analysis process despite the amount audit documentation needed.

Having worked in the world of particle analysis for over 140 years, W.S. Tyler has the experience needed to ensure you implement equipment that yields accurate and repeatable results.

To better determine if an Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS is right for you, review the Alpine Air Jet Sieve e200 LS Brochure.


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