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By: Ronnie Brown on October 1st, 2021

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How Test Sieve Certification Differs Between W.S. Tyler and Advantech

Test Sieves


In the world of particle size analysis, test sieves and test sieve analysis have obtained a historical reputation of dependability. To ensure their test sieves are in tip-top shape, lab technicians often send their test sieves in to be certified.

To that end, dozens of test sieve manufacturers, such as W.S. Tyler and Advantech, provide their own unique test sieve certification services. As a result, you will find that the information on the certification documentation you receive will vary depending on the company.

That said, how do W.S. Tyler's and Advantech's certification documentation differ?

Here at W.S.Tyler Particle Analysis, particularly test sieves and the RO-TAP® Sieve Shaker, is our bread and butter. We take pride in creating a tailored experience for our customers when helping them develop lab setups that comply with industry standards.

To help you better understand the subject, this article will cover:

  • What information you should look for when you receive your certification
  • What information W.S. Tyler will provide
  • What information Advantech will provide
  • How the difference in information will affect your test sieve analysis operation


What Information Should My Test Sieve Certification Have?

Your test sieve certification documentation should include the following metrics based on the ASTM E11 sieve: the nominal opening size is, the variation, and how many openings were measured.

Additionally, when looking at the data and reviewing the mean opening metrics, you should have a clear understanding of the standard deviation for the openings, as this is a part of what the spec needs to be.

You should also have insight into the biggest opening that was measured. This is because there can only be so many openings of a specific size before it's flagged and failed, even if the average falls within ASTM specs.


What Information Does a W.S. Tyler Certification Provide?


W.S. Tyler's test sieve certification documentation is essentially a summary of all the readings taken during testing. Our machine tests for the number of openings based on the ASTM standard for sieve diameter.

We take this information and calculate the average opening size and wire diameter of that particular sieve. As long as these metrics fall within the ASTM standards, the sieve will pass.


What Information Does an Advantech Certification Provide?

Advantech's test sieve certification documentation provides an identical summary as W.S. Tyler's documentation, in the fact that they take the number of openings in the ASTM for 8-inch sieves.

What they do differently is provide the backup with all of the openings. Regardless they are basing the pass and failure of the sieve on what the average measurement is on everything.


How Does the Information Differences Affect My Process?

The extra information provided by Advantech's certification documentation is simply to prove what their average readings were. In other words, this information is inconsequential to the success of your test sieve analysis.

This is because there are very few industries, if any, that require you to know the backup of all the openings in a sieve in ordered to fall under the certified classification. Most just want to know what the average opening of the sieve is and whether it falls within the ASTM threshold.

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Get Your Test Sieves Certified Today!

Both W.S. Tyler's and Advantech's certification documentation take the statistical data from the measurements and provide you with a pass or fail. More importantly, they are both traceable to a known standard.

Now that you understand the certification differences you can expect to see while transitioning from Advantech to W.S. Tyler; the next step is to reach out and have your next set of test sieves certified through our innovative process. We offer both inspection-grade and calibration-grade, so there is no doubt we can help you achieve an operation that complies with your industry standards.

We understand that the accuracy of your test sieves is key to your success and strive to leverage our 140 years of particle analysis experience to help you design a test sieve stack that works for you.

To begin the process of having your sieves certified by our team of experts, visit our test sieve certification page and request a quote or call us at 1-800-321-6188.

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