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By: Ronnie Brown on December 11th, 2021

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What Is Hardware Cloth? (Definition, Usage, and Cost)

Wire Mesh

Since it was first created, the use of woven wire mesh has become a virtually endless list. From filtration to architectural mesh, the possibility of wire mesh knows no bounds.

Now, when working on a project, one of your main priorities is identifying multi-functional materials that will get you the most bang for your buck. Fortunately, wire mesh delivers a perfect balance of form and function and is often applied as hardware cloth.

W.S. Tyler has been a prominent woven wire mesh for over 140 years and strives to spark the creative mindset needed to make the most of wire mesh in new and innovative ways.

To give you an inside look into the possibilities of hardware cloth, this article will encompass:

  • What hardware cloth is
  • How woven wire hardware cloth is applied
  • How welded wire hardware cloth is applied
  • The dimensions hardware cloth can be fabricated to
  • The cost of hardware cloth


What Is Hardware Cloth?

Hardware cloth is best defined as a metallic mesh in which individual wires are either woven or spot-welded together, forming square or rectangular apertures. As hardware cloth is intended for a wide variety of DIY applications, it is typically constructed from wires with larger diameters than what is seen in more delicate wire mesh applications such as filter cloth.

To that end, hardware cloth can be made from aluminum, galvanized steel, corrosion-resistant stainless steel, or copper. Regardless of the material, hardware cloth is available in either cut-to-size pieces or rolls.


Woven Wire Hardware Cloth


Woven wire hardware cloth is widely used for industrial and retail environments. The stable construction of the mesh makes it difficult to alter, making it ideal for protective applications such as burglary protection.

To that end, the mesh openings are known for allowing a higher level of lighting than other materials. As a result, woven wire hardware cloth is an ideal solution to keep insects and various forms of debris out of lighting wells.

Having said that, if your woven wire hardware cloth will be utilized in an outdoor application, corrosion-resistant stainless steel is recommended. This will help ensure the mesh can withstand the elements that varying weather patterns will subject it to while giving it the ability to glimmer as natural light reflects off it.


Welded Wire Hardware Cloth


Welded wire hardware cloth is widely used for industrial, craft, and do-it-yourself applications. It is typically constructed from smooth, corrosion-resistant stainless steel wires that are welded to form precise openings that are permanent.

To that end, the aperture size of welded wire hardware cloth can range from 6 mm to 20mm.

Its robust yet easy-to-handle form makes welded wire hardware cloth applicable to various applications. This includes animal enclosures, rodent guards, roofing ventilation, garden sieves, and much more.


Hardware Cloth Dimension Availability

As stated above, hardware cloth can be purchased in either rolls or cut-to-size pieces. That said, the dimension availability will vary based on the type of mesh and your specifications.

Now, when working with woven wire hardware cloth, rolls are typically available with a standard dimension of 3' x 85'; however, custom roll dimensions can be woven upon request. On the other hand, cut-to-size pieces are cut based on drawings that you submit.

When working with welded wire hardware cloth, rolls are typically available with the same standard dimension of 3' x 85'; however, half rolls are also available. Cut-to-size pieces are also handled the same and are fabricated based on your drawings.


How Much Does Hardware Cloth Cost?

Your needs ultimately dictate the cost of hardware cloth. Factor such as mesh count, alloy, wire diameter, mesh type, and any additional fabrication needed will play a role in the price.

Additionally, the order quantity can play a role in the cost. A good rule of thumb to follow is as the quantity of the mesh rolls or cut-to-size pieces increases; the price is more likely to be lowered.

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Find the Right Mesh Supplier To Get the Results You Want

Hardware cloth is a metallic mesh that is either woven or welded to form precise square or rectangular openings. Whether you are looking to invest in woven wire hardware cloth or welded wire hardware cloth, hardware cloth can be purchased in standard rolls or cut-to-size pieces.

Now, as with any other material used for your project or process, your level of success depends on finding a manufacturer that you can rely on. With wire mesh, this means identifying an organization that actively strives to learn what you wish to accomplish with the mesh and guiding you through the process of finding the specifications needed to achieve these goals.

Here at W.S. Tyler, our main objective is to learn your process inside and out to form a partnership in which we essentially become your woven wire department and an extension of your team.

To help you begin your wire mesh journey, we put together the following article to give you an understanding of some of the mesh specifications you will encounter so you can better communicate the needs of your mesh:

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