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By: Ronnie Brown on March 18th, 2022

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Requesting a RO-TAP® Quote: What to Expect

Ro-Tap Sieve Shakers

W.S. Tyler's RO-TAP® Sieve Shakers have become the gold standard since the first devices were created in the early 1900s. With six variants to choose from, they can help generate accurate and repeatable particle size distribution curves no matter the particle size range.

Now, it goes without saying that it can be daunting to select a suitable device as it can be a costly investment. This is why you must request a quote to see how they fit your budget while doing your homework.

As the creators of the original RO-TAP Mechanical Sieve Shaker, W.S. Tyler is here to help ensure the RO-TAP brand is the solution you need to create a reliable particle analysis environment.

To help you better understand how the RO-TAP quoting process works, the following article will provide insight into:

  • What the buying process looks like when pursuing a W.S. Tyler RO-TAP device
  • What information will be asked of you when requesting a quote
  • The lead times you can expect with a RO-TAP quote
  • What information your RO-TAP quote will include


What Does the RO-TAP Buying Process Look Like?


The process of purchasing a RO-TAP device generally starts when you reach out to request a quote. During the quoting process, you will often be asked if you need test sieves or not.

If test sieves are needed, we will ask a series of questions about the material you are testing to best help you identify the ideal test sieve stack. Once the test sieves and RO-TAP quantity are determined, we will send you a quote for review.

If you accept the quote, you will then need to submit a purchase order to finalize the process so our customer experience team can begin to process the order.


What Information Do I Need When Requesting a RO-TAP Quote?

When requesting a quote for a RO-TAP Sieve Shaker, it is helpful to have a few pieces of information available before first contact. First and foremost, knowing the model RO-TAP will help make for a speedy process.

If you don't know the model that best suits your lab but already have your test sieves, you should be prepared to provide the diameter of the test sieves, whether you want a mechanical or electromagnetic sieve shaker.

You may also be asked what particle size range you will be testing to narrow down a solution.

Now, because the machines are heavy, providing the exact shipping address will help better reflect freight costs in the quote.


What Lead Times Should I Expect With a RO-TAP Quote?

Typically, when you reach out for a RO-TAP Sieve Shaker quote, you can expect to hear back within a day. That said, how long it takes to receive your quote is dependent on the size of the order.

So if you order a single RO-TAP RX-29, your quote will be sent quicker than if you were to order multiple RO-TAP RX-29 devices.

Again, because the devices are heavy, they must be sent by truck. The more devices you add to order, the longer it will take to calculate freight expenses.

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What Information Does a RO-TAP Quote Contain?

When you receive a quote for your RO-TAP device(s), you can expect insight into the cost of the order, delivery lead times, and any shipping costs when requested.

The quote will also reflect any payment terms associated with your account. If you don't have any payment terms in place, they will show up as "To Be Determined."

Once you receive your quote, you have the option of paying by credit card or a net30 account.


Know What’s Included to Get Things up and Running

W.S. Tyler's RO-TAP product line has gained a reputation of reliability reflected in dozens of industry standards. But before you can decide whether or not you should invest in one of the six devices, you must request a quote and gain a better understanding of where the devices stand in relation to your budget.

Now, as what comes with the various sieve shakers on the market is based on the manufacturer, it is essential to know what you can expect with the device you choose to purchase. This will allow you to implement the device as soon as possible and get back to testing material.

At W.S. Tyler, we aim to help you remove the roadblocks that hinder you from achieving accurate and repeatable particle analysis results, Its for this reason that we strive to educate you on everything you need to know about particle analysis.

For more information on what to expect when your RO-TAP arrives at your facility, read the following article:

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