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By: Ronnie Brown on November 24th, 2021

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The Versatility of W.S. Tyler Screen Sections

Vibrating Screens

Industrial screen sections are a pivotal aspect of large-scale screening. If you are an operator involved in this process, you know the importance of implementing screen media that is accurate and dependable.

The one way to achieve maximum accuracy that is tried and true is to identify a screen section manufacturer that consistently delivers products that meet and exceed your expectations. But sometimes, it can seem as if the market is saturated with suppliers, making this process stressful.

You, of course, want to find a cost-effective product, but, at the same time, you want to avoid the suppliers who want to take advantage of your situation and simply get the sale with no regard to your pain points.

For over 140 years, W.S. Tyler has taken the time to learn every screen section application we come across to gain a better understanding of the obstacles our customers face. We strive to use this knowledge to help guide you towards a screen section solution that you can genuinely say you're confident in.

It's for this reason that this article was written to highlight the versatility of W.S. Tyler screen sections.


Versatile Screen Section You Can Trust

There are dozens of vibrating screen manufacturers across the globe, and pairing a fine wire screen section can sometimes be difficult as many of these machines require various specifications and dimensions. W.S. Tyler screen sections can be customized to accommodate a wide range of vibrating screen machines, including machines from the following manufacturers:

  • Haver Niagara
  • Derrick Corporation
  • Powerscreen
  • Rotex
  • McCloskey International
  • J&H Equipment

While this list represents a small portion of the vibrating screen market, it is important to know that W.S. Tyler screen sections can be used in a wider variety of vibrating screens.

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Why Partner With W.S. Tyler?

We have listed several potential patterns in this article, each offering its own list of pros and cons. As picking a vibrating screen partner is integral to your success, you are probably curious as to why you should partner with W.S. Tyler.

The best way to answer this is first to instill what we offer. When it comes to vibrating screens, W.S. Tyler specializes in producing fine wire cloth screen sections that range from 4 mesh to 325 mesh.

These screen sections can be customized to fit a wide variety of vibrating screen machines.

Now, there are three fine wire cloth patterns currently available: square mesh, TON-CAP, and TY-ROD. Each of these screen patterns provides its own characteristics designed with specification types of applications in mind.

Woven-Wire-Mesh WS-Tyler-TON-CAP WS-Tyler-Ty-Rod


When it comes to the hardware itself, there are several hook profiles to choose from depending on the positioning of the hook and the manufacturer. While some hooks are tensioned on the ends of the screen sections and others are tensioned on the sides, W.S. Tyler can accommodate the specifications that work for you.

To that end, we typically offer hooks constructed from galvanized steel; however, we can attach stainless steel hooks upon request. Additionally, there is the option of fabricating a screen section with no hook with a stainless steel grommet to provide adequate tensioning.


Better Understand the Cost Associated With Screen Sections

Partnering with a screen section supplier that both provides screening media that deliver the desired accuracy and reliability as well as seeks to become an extension of your team is integral to success. It is a sure-fire way to ensure you are working with a trustworthy organization and genuinely wants you to succeed.

But as with any supplier, understanding if the product(s) can fit your budget plays a significant role when deciding if they are a good fit or not. While you analyze the companies listed above, it is crucial that you begin to dive into how much their screen section variants will cost you.

W.S. Tyler understands that finding a screen section supplier that you trust is a huge sigh of relief. Regardless of whether we can accommodate your needs or if it's another manufacturer, we want to get to a point where screen section concerns are a thing of the past so you can focus on other priorities throughout your operation.

To help you understand how much screen sections typically cost and the factors that play a role in this price, we wrote the following article:

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