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By: Eric Himes on February 3rd, 2022

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What to Expect: Requesting an Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Quote

Wire Mesh

Industrial woven wire mesh allows manufacturers to implement the beneficial qualities of woven wire mesh large scale. Not only does this save money as it allows you to fabricate your wire mesh components in-house, but it saves time as having the mesh in your inventory means you minimize any downtime associated with waiting on the mesh components you need to carry out a task.

Now while industrial woven wire mesh is, for the most part, offered in standardized wire mesh rolls or cut-to-size pieces, you hold the ability to customize the mesh to cater to your needs. As with most customized products, this means you will encounter a quitting process to ensure the mesh meets your performance and budgetary needs.

As a prominent manufacturer and supplier of industrial woven wire mesh, W.S. Tyler prides itself on being as transparent as possible, so you know exactly what to expect when inquiring about possible wire mesh solutions.

And that's why we wrote this article; to give you a better idea of the quoting process by covering the following points:

  • What the buying process for industrial woven wire mesh looks like
  • The information you will need to provide when requesting a quote
  • Quoting lead times
  • What information an industrial woven wire mesh quote will deliver


What Does the Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Buying Process Look Like?

The buying process you will experience depends on one of two things: if you reach out knowing precisely what you need or if you are unsure about the specifications but understand the project enough to discuss the best options for you.Industrial-Woven-Wire-Mesh

To that end, once the mesh supplier knows the project, and what you are looking for, the mesh supplier internally calculates the best path of where to get the mesh from. The supplier will then send you a quote which you can either accept or send back for adjustments.

Once you are happy with the quote, the following steps would be to accept it and submit a purchase order to initiate the fabrication and shipping process. At this point, you will receive a confirmation email as well as regular email updates with information regarding the fabrication of your mesh and tracking numbers.

Now, as the quoting process is an integral aspect of the buying process, we will take the time to better illustrate what you can expect when requesting an industrial woven wire quote.


What Information Is Needed When Requesting an Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Quote?

Before requesting a quote for industrial woven wire mesh, you must gather information regarding the mesh you want. This includes the width of the wire mesh roll, square footage, mesh count, opening width, wire diameter, and alloy.

Now, it's essential to understand that not all the information is required at first contact; however, the more information you have initially, the easier it will be for the mesh supplier to narrow down the best possible solution. To that end, if you're requesting a quote for cut-to-size pieces, you should have the dimension readily available.


What Quoting Lead Times Should I Expect?

Typically, there is a 2-3 week timeframe from the time you reach out to receive the quote to the time we reach back out to you. Now there are a few factors that may shorten or extend this lead time.

These factors include whether or not the wire mesh roll is in stock or needs to be woven, if we have to reach out to a third-party wire drawer to get a quote, and the time required to figure out the logistics of any value-added services.


Order Lead Time

Once the order is placed, we calculate the lead time by analyzing the time it'll take to get the right wire from the drawers, the time it'll take to weave the mesh, any additional services needed to be done, and the shipping times. If we have the mesh in stock, typically, it can be shipped within a week or two unless added services are needed.

For more information regarding industrial woven wire mesh lead times, review the following article:


What Will an Industrial Woven Wire Mesh Quote Contain?

Industrial woven wire quotes contain all the information discussed about the mesh that will work for you. Again, this includes the wire diameter, alloy, mesh count, square footage, and cut-to-size dimensions.

Of course, as this is a quote, it will also reflect the order cost. But, not only that, it will illustrate how the different elements affect the price.

Additionally, the quote will include any other important information expressed during the conversation leading to the quote.

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How Do I Request a Quote?

W.S. Tyler is continually refining how you can acquire wire mesh through us. That said, the are currently four ways to request a quote for industrial woven wire mesh:

  • Go to our Contact Us page and fill out the form
  • Email your configuration and contact information to our sales team at 
  • Reach out to us via phone at 800-321-6188.
  • Provide our interactive chatbot (lower right-hand corner of this page) with your credentials       and specific configuration needs


Unravel the Cost of Industrial Woven Wire Mesh

While industrial woven wire mesh has many standardized elements, customers are left with the ability to almost fully customize the specifications. This means you will typically go through a quoting process in which you and the mesh supplier deliberate what mesh you should use.

While there is no set price associated with industrial woven wire mesh, it is still important to understand what factors into the cost. This will ensure there are no surprises during the quoting process, which will ultimately save you and the mesh supplier time.

W.S. Tyler has been a prominent leader of the woven wire mesh industry, manufacturing and supplying wire mesh for over 140 years. We feel it's our responsibility to be as transparent as possible with all aspects of the woven wire buying process.

To paint a better picture of the factors that dictate the overall cost of the industrial wire mesh rolls and cut-to-size pieces, we compiled the following article:

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