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By: Ronnie Brown on November 18th, 2022

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Protective Earbud Mesh: Should I Use Woven Wire Mesh?

Wire Mesh

From the latest album to our favorite audiobooks, the popularity of listening to content is booming. To ensure we don’t bother those around us, we typically turn to comfortable earbuds to contain this audio.

Now, as these products grow with technology, so are their price tags. Manufacturers must look for avenues that help users protect their rather valuable investments.

This is where woven wire earbud mesh comes in.

W.S. Tyler is a prominent woven wire mesh supplier that has been helping customers improve the performance of their products for over 150 years.

For that reason, we wrote the following article to help you better understand how woven wire mesh can benefit the performance of earbuds. It will cover:

  • The definition of woven wire mesh
  • How woven wire earbud mesh works
  • The benefits of using woven wire mesh for earbud mesh
  • How much woven wire mesh costs


What Is Woven Wire Mesh?

Woven wire mesh is best defined as a metallic cloth of interwoven wires designed for screening and filtration applications. Known for its rigid yet accurate pore openings, woven wire mesh can be fabricated to take on a variety of weave patterns after undergoing a heavily monitored weaving technique.


Now, in order to maintain its versatility, wire mesh users are in complete control over parameters such as mesh count, aperture size, and wire diameter. You can even apply techniques such as stamping, laser cutting, and calendaring to ensure your mesh works as intended.


How Does Woven Wire Earbud Mesh Work?

Woven wire earbud mesh is a screening medium put in place to protect the performance of the speaker unit. More specifically, they work to prevent various forms of debris as well as moisture from hindering the performance of the speaker diaphragm.

Additionally, the mesh grill helps maintain the vibrations caused by the speaker. This, in turn, makes for a more consistent stream of crisp, quality audio.


Why Use Woven Wire Mesh for Earbud Mesh?

It has been established that wire mesh is used to ensure your earbuds continue to perform after years of war and tear. But why use woven wire mesh?

Well, as woven wire mesh is constructed using a metal alloy, it offers the durability needed to withstand impact from debris and puncture when placed in a cluttered bag. This is particularly true when compared to other protective materials used, such as fiber felt, plastic, or paper.

Now, when customers are spending top dollar to purchase premium headphones, a certain presentation is expected. Woven wire mesh is typically constructed from a stainless steel alloy, giving it a lustrous, elegant appearance that leaves consumers dazzled.

To that end, the stainless steel construction also affords wire mesh a level of flexibility that does not affect its durability. This means you can form, bend, and fit your wire mesh to ensure it provides maximum protection.

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How Much Does Woven Wire Mesh Cost?

When fabricating earbud mesh, woven wire mesh is often implemented as stamped, single-layer discs. That said, you can either purchase wire mesh in rolls or cut-to-size pieces and handle the fabrication in-house, or you can purchase the mesh as pre-stamped fabricated parts.

When purchasing mesh in rolls or cut-to-size pieces, the following factors will affect cost:


But if you’re interested in fabricated screens, you can expect the cot of your order to be influenced by the following:

  • Dimensions of the part
  • Mesh specifications
  • External fabrication requirements
  • Compliance requirements (i.e., DFARS)
  • Value-added services
  • Order Quantity
  • Labor


Get To Know the World of Woven Wire Mesh

Woven wire earbud mesh is a great way to help users keep their favorite audio streaming. They provide manufacturers with a means of providing a product that is luxurious yet durable.

But now that you know a little more about how woven wire mesh can benefit the performance of earbuds, it is recommended that you get to know the terminology used in the industry. This will help prepare you for the conversations you will have, ensuring you develop a wire mesh solution you can stand behind.

Having helped the world weave wire mesh into everyday life for over 150 years, W.S. Tyler is here to help remove the roadblocks that hinder your confidence in the products you provide.

For more insight into what is said around the world of woven wire mesh, read the following article:

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