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By: Ronnie Brown on April 22nd, 2022

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How W.S. Tyler Can Help Manage Your Industrial Wire Mesh Inventory

Wire Mesh

From molded pulp and fiber goods to screen printing, industrial woven wire mesh offers a unique balance of durability and customization. Best of all, it also allows you to have bulk quantities of mesh, so you fabricate your parts in-house to make for a more cost-effective operation.

One of the biggest concerns with materials like industrial wire mesh is availability. The best way to find peace of mind and always have the mesh you need at your disposal is to have it stored at the wire mesh supplier's facility.

That said, what should you expect when storing bulk quantities of industrial wire mesh with W.S. Tyler?

Here at W.S. Tyler, we strive to leverage our 140 years of experience to help remove the roadblocks that hinder your process. This includes ensuring you have access to the industrial wire mesh you need.

With that, this article was written to lay out everything you can expect when storing your industrial wire mesh at W.S. Tyler's facility and will cover:

  • What industrial wire mesh is
  • The industrial wire mesh W.S. Tyler stores
  • The limitations you should expect when storing industrial wire mesh with W.S. Tyler
  • How to get W.S. Tyler to store your industrial wire mesh
  • The fees associated with storing industrial wire mesh with W.S. Tyler


What Is Industrial Wire Mesh?

Industrial wire mesh is defined as a network of metallic wires that become interlocked after undergoing a centuries-old weaving process. As this process is relatively stringent, the wire cross-sections form precise, rigid openings that benefit various applications, such as screening and filtration.


Now, specifications such as the mesh opening size, weave pattern, and wire diameter can all be customized and are calculated before being woven. Regardless, industrial wire mesh can be purchased in rolls or cut-to-size pieces.


What Industrial Wire Mesh Will W.S. Tyler Store?

W.S. Tyler will store all forms of industrial woven wire mesh, whether it be rolls or cut-to-size pieces. After receiving a blanket order, we will keep your mesh in our facility located in Mentor, Ohio, until you are ready to receive it.

With the state of worldwide shipping being unpredictable, having W.S. Tyler store your mesh means we will have the mesh in stock when you need it. Naturally, this means shorter, more convenient lead times.

Storing your mesh also locks you in at the initial cost of the mesh throughout the duration of your blanket order. With pricing on material fluctuating constantly, this is a critical benefit that helps keep your wire mesh budget-friendly.

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Are There Limitations to Storing Industrial Wire Mesh?

When it comes to storing your mesh at W.S. Tyler's facility, there aren't too many limitations. The only pushback you may encounter will regard the quantity.

Again, let's say you place a blanket purchase order for 100,000 sq/ft of mesh. Odds are we wouldn't store the entire 100,000 sq/ft as this would take up a lot of space.

Instead, we would work with you and agree upon a minimum stock quality. This would ensure we have the mesh needed for your next shipment while also keeping some space free.

In other words, if you typically receive mesh in 10,000 sq/ft intervals, we would store 20,000 sq/ft to ensure you always have access to your mesh. And once a 10,000 sq/ft interval is shipped, we will then work to replace it to maintain that stock of 20,000 sq/ft.


How Do I Store My Industrial Wire Mesh?


Having mesh stored is as easy as submitting a blanket purchase order and requesting to have a certain amount of mesh on-hand. That said, we will only store mesh associated with a blanket purchase order.

Due to pricing fluctuations, these blanket purchase orders commit you to the specified mesh. In other words, they require you to receive any remaining mesh at the end of that blanket purchase order.

So, if you've only taken 50,000 sq/ft of a 100,000 sq/ft blanket purchase order, the additional 50,000 sq/ft will automatically be shipped at the end of your blanket purchase order.


Are There Fees Associated With Storing Industrial Wire Mesh?

The blanket order you submit will reflect the cost of the industrial wire mesh you require. Factors such as weave pattern, wire diameter, opening size, micron rating, and post weaving services all affect the overall cost of the order.

Having said that, there are typically no additional fees that coexist with keeping a backlog of mesh in our facility.


Get Started by Requesting a Quote

W.S. Tyler has the capacity to store industrial wire mesh, whether it be mesh rolls or cut-to-size pieces, for customers that require interval shipments from a bulk order. That said, you must commit to a blanket purchase order for use to work out the logistics needed to keep the mesh you need at the ready.

But now that you know you can buy large quantities of mesh, having it later stored and shipped in intervals, you may be reconsidering the size of your next order. Chances are you'll find a price point in the forever fluctuating cost of material that works for you and have that price locked into a 6- to 12-month blanket purchase order.

This all starts with requesting a quote and getting a better idea of the bulk order's final cost.

For over 140 years, W.S. Tyler has helped customers find wire mesh solutions that deliver trustworthy results they can stand behind. We aim to use this experience to better identify what works best for you.

To get started on your journey to having bulk quantities of wire mesh at your disposal, read the following article and request a quote:

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